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Light Speed Logistics is a leader in the transportation industry, specializing in the highly regulated, time-sensitive perishable food sector.


You are new to driving. You are eager to start your career. But, where do you learn how to be a professional driver? If you are asking these questions, now is the right time to join our Driving Academy.

The Driving Academy contains both a Driving School (in-house) and a coveted Driver Mentorship Program.

Driving Academy: Driving School

Start your training journey by entering and completing our 4-week “Driving School”. The Driving School includes both classroom education and On-the-Road (OTR) training. The Driving School is our strategy and commitment to provide above-industry-level training to our new drivers.

The Driving School involves a total of 40-hours, over a 2-week period. The first 20-hrs are dedicated to In-Class training. Additional hours are added as needed to ensure that all our employees are confident and comfortable before graduating.

Additionally, 20-hrs are dedicated to On-The-Road (OTR) training, including both In-Cab (in the truck) and In-Yard (yard activities). The mix of classroom and OTR is designed so that students do not experience boredom, but rather experience a variety of learning, engagement and satisfaction. 

2-Week Schedule

One-half of each day is dedicated to In-Class workshops and learning. The second/remaining half of each day is dedicated to OTR training.

Completion & Victory Lap

The Driving School takes 2-weeks to complete, with additional days added if the new driver needs more time for OTR Training. 

Driving Academy: Driving Mentorship Program

After you graduate from the Driving School, it is now time to enter our coveted Driver Mentorship Program. This Driver Mentorship Program includes 6-months of training, delivering real freight for real clients.

The Driver Mentorship Program is the first of its kind. The program provides excellent training through a dedicated and specialized strategy, where an experienced driver (mentor) is paired with a less experienced or new driver (mentee), in order to guide the mentee in developing the skills that the mentee requires to perform his/her job adequately. The mentor shares his/her skills, knowledge, best practices and experience with the mentee.

Driving Academy Values


Light Speed is committed to investing its resources in the training and development of YOU ... our new drivers! Thanks to the professional and rigorous training through the Driving Academy!

Direct/Associated Costs

Light Speed Logistics is proud to cover all direct and associated costs while paying you a competitive salary. Why? So you can focus on developing as a professional driver.

Our Investment

We invest in YOU!