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LightSpeed Advantage

Light Speed Logistics is a leader in the transportation industry, specializing in the highly regulated, time-sensitive perishable food sector.


‘Green Mentality’ means that as trucking professionals we take our responsibility to the environment seriously. As your carrier, Light Speed Logistics offers you premier service, delivering your products to their destination on time and in an environmentally-conscious fashion.

As a driver, if you choose to work for us, you know that our company believes in going green as much as you do. Green mentality is the wave of the future in trucking. Light Speed provides a Driver Bonus Incentive Program to reward drivers achieving below the idling mandate. 

Light Speed Logistics goes the extra mile partnering and registering with Natural Resources Canada’s Smartway Transport Partnership, a free and voluntary program that helps businesses move goods effectively while keeping fuel cots and environmental impact at a minimum.  Through this partnerships, Light Speed is proud to be a qualified and registered SmartWay Certified Carrier since 2010. With SmartWay, LightSpeed Logistics is able to operate with maximum efficiency and sustainability through use of key strategies to save fuel, reduce operational costs and protect the environment by reducing emissions.

Beyond asset and equipment technology and management, Light Speed goes the extra mile through routing strategy and technology deployment to benefit the company’s sustainable impact. As an example, Light Speed continues to execute on RandMcNally’s IntelliRoute GPS software and IntelliRoute automated geo-fencing features to optimize routes with an eye towards output on minimized and eliminated waste-miles. At a broader level, satellite tracking for all tractors and trailers is utilized, enabling for precise and real-time planning, tracking and compliance – achieving delivery success, client satisfaction and optimized routes.


Light Speed reduces environmental impact through using lighter-weight and aerodynamically sound trucks to improve gas mileage including strategies such as aero-dynamic skirting, wheel-to-wheel skirting, cab deflectors, belly deflectors, and full flairings. All tractors are equipped with automatic-shift transmission and adaptive cruise control.

Truckers and fleets have one general need: Fuel. The bottom line is that savings in fuel costs through use of sustainability efforts adds to the effectiveness of any sustainability program. Fuel reduction strategies include a company-wide idling mandate and policy, echoed by a idling management program for 100% of trucks. Trucks do not idle in the -12C – 21C temperature range (shuts off after 3minutes idling). All trucks are ‘Certified Clean Idle’.

On the asset side, the company’s maintenance team implements regular tune-ups and inspections to remain proactive on procedures that have direct and direct impacts on improving gas mileage.

Finally, the green mentality mindset of any driver must consider smart driving. Our driver trainers teach and train all hired drivers on best practices for environmentally friendly driving. Our organization takes this approach seriously, building a common environmentally friendly culture, spanning new and seasoned drivers alike.